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November 2011
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Occupy Wall Street: It’s Time To Earn Your Keep

Hey Occupy!

I support your right to protest.  You’re absolutely correct that you have every right to be there.  However, you have to admit that people are getting tired of you being there.  That’s the point though, right?

However, by alienating regular citizens, you’re forcing the particular city you’re occupying to take action to respond to the wishes of the majority.  That has happened in the form of police evictions, because the cities don’t see any other choice.  Their citizens want you gone, and you’re not going.

I think it’s time for you guys to begin to work with your cities.  How many hours of work on city beautification would each protester need to complete to pay your rent on the park you’re occupying?  You guys are right, you’re on public property that you pay taxes to have access to.  However, right now, you’re taking more than your share of the park.  Your fellow citizens are scared to go to your occupied parks because they are dirty, or because there is drug use going on, or because it’s just too many people for a park that size.  On a small scale, because you’re monopolizing these parks for your own use, you’re stealing from your fellow citizens just like the rich whom you so vehemently oppose.  So why not pay your fellow citizens back for your extra time spent at their parks?  Why not commit to helping clean the city?  Why not commit to some other kind of mundane work while you’re protesting?  Maybe the city needs supplies for its homeless shelters?  Why not commit a few hours a day to helping create or buy supplies?  There are tons of ideas you guys could come up with to start alleviating the city of your burden.  Because right now you’re seen as a burden, and with a small shift in perspective you could be seen as a force for good.

I believe this will give your protest the longevity, and the heart, it needs.  Thanks for reading.

- Bryan


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