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October 2011
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Us Vs. Them and the Dilemma of an Uprising

Us Vs. Them and the Dilemma of an Uprising

Dear older Us,

We can do things faster than you with the power of the Internet. We hear “things don’t just change at the drop of a hat.” And we think, “yes, they (read: we) can.” We’re faster than you. Admit it, it’s crazy how much smarter we are. That’s why we were able to put men on the moon. Each generation is better than the last. I can already see it in the new generation, they’re smarter than me. The collective human kind moves forward despite us. We are a corporation of sorts and corporations are like us. They are beyond individual control. As we cannot control the human destiny, we cannot control the corporation, it persists.

But wait. A light at the end of the tunnel. Self-awareness is the key. Because I, the younger generation, am also more self-aware than you. I see things that you do not. Or do I? These are the questions I have as a 25-year-old kid. Am I that much smarter than you or are we equals? Maybe you just see something I don’t see. So maybe the evolution is gradual. Evidence says yes. There is still religion. There is still faith when we’re so sure God doesn’t exist. Faith is corrupt. Faith can lead to some very bad things. We can all see it yet we turn a blind eye. Priests molesting children. Where did it go wrong? Or has it always been wrong? The pedophiles get the power? Old Us, how did you let the pedophiles rule you?

So which is it? Are we getting smarter or dumber? Richer or poorer? Healthier or sicker? The answer is both. To each of those dichotomies. Everything is happening at the same time. This is why it’s so hard to rock the boat. The Corporation. The Government. The Collective Human Kind. They’re all beyond our control, yet we control them. It is this paradox that we struggle with.  We’re only along for the ride, but while we’re here, we control the ride. We may get to come back as Gods. We may not.

So I say we make this ride as good as we can. Let’s not worry about the next life yet. Sometimes I can feel the twinge of the future, too. Let’s focus on the present.

Yours forever,



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